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Welcome to the heart and soul of Sisters Events, where we are dedicated to making your wedding dreams a reality. Bound by a sisterly bond and fueled by a shared love for celebrations, our journey goes beyond planning weddings; it's about becoming family with our brides, ensuring that your special day is not just flawlessly executed but filled with warmth, connection, and the magic that makes every love story uniquely beautiful.

About Us

The duo behind Sisters Events. With a combined 10+ years of expertise wedding planning, we bring a wealth of experience and a deep passion for turning dreams into reality. For us, wedding planning isn't just a profession; it's a heartfelt journey we embark on with each and every bride.

Madison, the meticulous planner, takes pride in going above and beyond to ensure a seamless planning process and a stress-free wedding day for our brides. When she's not immersed in crafting your perfect day, you'll find her outdoors with her husband, tending to her farm, or curled up with a captivating book. Her commitment to perfection and creating a tranquil atmosphere resonates in every facet of her life, making each moment a blend of meticulous planning and heartfelt connection.

Emily, the creative force, finds inspiration in designing exquisite weddings. Beyond the world of weddings, she cherishes moments with her daughter and husband, indulges in home design projects, and enjoys exploring the world of fine wines. Her keen eye for detail and passion for creating beautiful moments extend beyond professional endeavors, making every aspect of her life an artful expression of love and creativity.

Lake Tahoe wedding planners

Our Approach

We believe in weaving a tapestry of love, seamlessly blending the couple's unique story with the timeless elegance and effortless charm that characterize our celebrations. At Sisters Events, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our brides, ensuring a seamless planning process and a stress-free wedding day. We approach each wedding with a personal touch, infusing warmth, sincerity, and a commitment to making the journey as unforgettable as the destination. Join our sisterhood, and let us guide you through a wedding planning experience that is not only impeccably executed but also radiates the genuine joy and connection we bring to every celebration.



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